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Barbara has been a Gestalt psychotherapist and Family Constellations practitioner for over 15 years. She became involved with constellation work immediately after the Founder, Bert Hellinger first brought the work to England. She studied with Hunter Beaumont for 3 years and since then has done workshops here in the UK and abroad with Bert Hellinger and many other leading people in the field. Her own work with constellations has been mainly via workshops which she runs all over the UK and Ireland.

She also offers individual and couple consultations. She runs supervision groups in constellation work, operates an apprenticeship scheme and is currently running a training programme in Romania. She is Editor of the only English language international constellations journal known as The Knowing Field. Having gained so much personally from doing this work, she feels passionately about it and offers it as a potentially healing approach for all who are ready to heal.

This is not the only gain: since doing this work Barbara has changed her outlook on life, viewing the world as a whole series of inter-connected, interdependent beings and forces. In her world, there are no "rights" and "wrongs". There are simply actions and consequences. If we can just face what is instead of turning our backs, then great healing becomes possible.

Barbara Morgan

Collette Barnard is a fully qualified experienced Counsellor and Astrologer, who has worked with groups, individuals and couples since 1982. She is, and always has been, devoted to Spirituality, Psychic and Energy Awareness, and the Great Mystery in all traditions. This quest has taken her on journeys and travels, far and near, where she has encountered many wonderful and great teachers.

She is trained in group dynamics, group facilitation and adult education. She communicates self-empowerment and the unveiling of one's personal, individual connection to Spirit. She feels blessed to do this work, and to do so in Glastonbury. She is nourished by her family, children and friends, her spiritual practice and her connection with the sacred land.

Collette practises as a Psycho-Spiritual Counsellor, Supervisor, Visionary Astrologer and a Core Kinaesthetic Coach. She is a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychologists.


Collette Barnard

Initiation into the way of the Shaman began for Elsa with total paralysis following Polio at 11 years of age. She had a near death experience at this time, one of many throughout her life. For three years she was in a wheelchair unable to walk. Gradually with the help of guides and teachers from spirit, she managed to walk and overcome many other obstacles. Those years of struggle have given her a compassion for all people and a desire to work with those who need support and help.

As a young woman Elsa was a natural physic and for many years sat in a healing circle at her local spiritualist church, until one day she became disillusioned with what she was doing. On a physical level the results were outstanding, but she knew there was more to do. She knew she was here to help and teach on a very deep soul level.

There followed many years of confusion and disillusion with society and authority. She never stopped working with and for those in need, those with a soul need, but it was only upon reaching a major crossroads in her life, when she met Howard and they started a journey together that she realised what she was doing had a name: it was called Shamanism. Elsa is also a Director of the UK branch of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.


Elsa Malpas

Being sent to a Boarding school in Ireland as a 9 year old was a very special opening for Howard. This school was run by his first Shamanic teacher, and much time was set aside for attunement with nature. It was at this time he opened to his passion for nature and everything natural. He was able to sit quietly in that beautiful ancient Celtic land, communicating eye to eye with the various animals and birds that approached him, these communications gave him a deep understanding of the natural world.

After training as a Chemical Engineer, he spent years fighting the opening he had had as a child, until he could deny it no longer. This was at a major crossroads in his life. The route he took has led him to meet amazing teachers and to sit in a place of wonder and acknowledgement of the spiritual world. The Shamanic way is the cloak he wears that blends his deepest desires with those of helping others find their soul healing. With his partner Elsa he also works in the NHS using complementary therapies to help those with mental health difficulties and those suffering with addiction problems. Howard is also a Director of the UK branch of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.


Howard Malpas

James D'Angelo, PhD, has been engaged in the research and practice of sound healing since 1994 and has become a leading authority on sound therapies. He is the author of Healing With The Voice and The Healing Power of the Human Voice published by Inner Traditions. As practicing musician and composer, Reiki initiate and practitioner of sacred Sufi movements, he has led workshops at many of the holistic education centres around England as well as venturing into Europe and the USA (The Open Centre and Edgar Cayce Centre in New York among others).

He has been an invited presenter at three international sound healing conferences in the USA, at two Glastonbury Symposiums, the Findhorn Foundation's Visionary Voices conference, the International Energy Therapies conference and the Healing Sounds Festival among others. He is a member of the editorial board and reviewer for Caduceus Magazine and his music has been recorded commercially on Virgin classics.


James D'Angelo

Jeremy White is an intuitive Rune Reader and Energy healer who follows a Shamanic path using the runic energies in every aspect of his life. He studies the teachings of the Northern European traditions. Since moving to Glastonbury he has established himself as a popular and in demand Rune Reader with clients from all over the world seeking his insightful readings and educational workshops.

Over the past three years he has been travelling across America holding talks and workshops and giving spiritual guidance to private clients.

Jeremy White

Manon was born in the Netherlands and is a writer, singer, coach and mother of two grown up children. She has been coming to Glastonbury for over 10 years, organising sacred tours and events. She has had training in Celtic Traditions in Glastonbury and has ben teaching Nature Magic in the Netherlands. Manon is a writer of a book called "The Magic of Avalon" about the heart energy of Avalon and her own experiences with this mystical place. In the Netherlands she is one of the founders of the first Goddess Temple. She also has a special connection to Sedona in America and she writes for the Spirit of Maat Magazine of Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Orbs have interested her from the start: "I have always been fascinated by orbs ever since I got to hear about them and see them on photos. For me they are a mystery that is waiting to be uncovered, so we can get more answers about our existence. It could be my imagination, but it seems to me that we get more contact with orbs than we used to. I believe it has to do with our fast growing consciousness, which opens up our openess and willingness to acknowledge them".


Manon Tromp

Mark is a Shamanic Practitioner and teacher. He is a skilled goldsmith and Shaman Smith. He runs the Warrior in the Heart journey circle in Glastonbury and has taught in both the UK and Canada. He is currently working with Howard & Elsa Malpas as a teaching assistant on their various trainings.

Mark Loman

For about 10 years Phil South had a feeling there was a common thread to all types of creative genius. He became fascinated by this after a traumatic episode which left him with a total creative block. For 30 yeras he'd been a creative professional, cartoonist, designer, writer, photographer, teacher, actor and musician, but now he could create nothing.

Over the next few years he studied creativity and how famous creative people do what they do. It all pointed to the way the creative mind works and why creative people's brains are different. It also convinced him that as a teacher if he discovered how it worked that this process could be taught to others.

Soon it became clear that the potential for creative brain circuitry exists in everyone. He realised that if that was true, then anyone who didn't have the creative circuitry could actually be taught to develop it.

His method, The Creative Genius Programme or CGP [C] consists of learning the intimate life cycle of ideas, the secrets to developing your brain circuitry for creative use and mind training tricks to develop the perfect mental state for creativity. All these things work together to form the CGP methodology.


Phil South

Shahrukh Husain writes fiction and non-fiction for adults and children. She also writes screen plays and the occasional theatre play. Her adult fiction, published by Virago Press, can be described as re-worked myths reflecting a universal theme of modern relevance. She thoroughly enjoys writing for children because its demand for simplicity, clarity and brevity hones the craft. She likewise relishes the craftsmanship that goes into creating a screenplay and her adaptation of Anita Desai's Booker nominated IN CUSTODY, for Merchant Ivory Productions, won the President of India Gold Medal and got an Oscar nomination.

Currently, she is working on an exciting historical screenplay commissioned by Gurinder Chadha of Bend It Films and is completing a series of mythological books for children. Her latest book, The Wit and Wisdom of Mulla Nasruddin was published in the summer of 2006 and has been very well received. In her "other" life she practices as a psychoanalytical psychotherapist specialising in transcultural work Shahrukh was born in Pakistan and lives in London with her husband and her two children have flown the nest. To read more about Shahrukh, reviews of her books and her company Narratives Ltd, visit her website.

Shahrukh Husain

My spiritual path began about nine years ago when I first attended a Kundalini Yoga class in Letchworth. I went because I was suffering from "Golfer's" back pain, induced from trying to strike the ball too hard. My teacher was great. She gave me some exercises and breathwork and it worked wonders. The back pain went and I lowered by handicap by four strokes. After about four classes a feeling struck me in heart, something I had never felt before and I knew I had to train and teach kundalini yoga.

I have a daily discipline called sadhana which I do consisting of kundalini yoga and meditation. My mission is to serve and uplift others. I enjoy meeting people, teaching, walking, gardening, brewing Kombucha, cooking, sculpting in stone and wood and making walking staffs. I have been married for 24 years to Patwant and I can honest say that marriage is the most rewarding and challenging yoga I have experienced!

Siri Nirankar is a teacher of many years experience and an associate teacher with the Aquarian Training Academy. For twenty-three years he ran his own successful company and enjoyed working and serving people. He has always believed in everyone's intrinsic goodness. Working alongside Karta Singh, a direct student of Yogi Bhajan, his passion is now to share the teachings with as many people as possible so that everyone can live their own truth.

Siri Nirankar Singh


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